Grand Duchy of Danduros

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

All micronations are recognized, informally, by the Grand Duchy of Danduros. If a micronation or their leader wishes to enter into formal diplomatic relations, they should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using the address listed on the Contact Us page. There are certain criteria which must be met in order to proceed with formal diplomatic relations, as listed below.

  1. The requesting micronation must have been in existence for at least six months.
  2. The requesting micronation must have an online presence (website and/or Facebook page) so that their information can be viewed easily.
  3. The requesting micronation cannot have any claims that conflict with claims of another micronation (i.e. the requesting micronation cannot have a claim of the entirety of the State of Ohio, as other micronations exist within said area).

If the requesting micronation meets the above criteria, they will be sent a Treaty of Friendship and Recognition for their approval. The Treaty will already be signed by the reigning monarch of Danduros. Once the requesting micronation has signed the Treaty and returned a copy with both signatures attached, they will be officially declared an ally of the Grand Duchy of Danduros.

The current list of signed treaties with fellow micronations can be found here: Treaties